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Residual? an article by Bobby Elgee.

Author: Bobby Elgee Ghost Dance Texture by Ian Burt via Flickr I believe in humans. I’m not sure I believe in ghosts. Though I’m a skeptic, I can unequivocally say that I’ve encountered events I haven’t been able to explain. Whether the phenomena was caused by a ghost–the existence of a human consciousness after death–or other paranormal source, I can’t say for sure. No one else on the planet can say for sure either. At least in the foreseeable future, I suspect that we may never be able to answer the question as to the existence of ghosts. Perhaps it’s something we aren’t ‘meant’ to know. Belief in ghosts is just that–belief–and every human is entitled to their beliefs. Given the above caveat, humans behave in predictable patterns and, by definition, intelligent ghosts should too. So, when a paranormal investigator visits a haunted residence how do they tell the difference between an intelligent vs a residual haunting? The answer isn’t quite as clear as it seems. Let’s

Every experience is an experience..

Every small experience one has with what is perceived to be outside the realm of the normal is something to be considered, pondered and appreciated even if we just think of it as just a curious anomaly. Each of us has different views on what is paranormal and what is a profound experience for one person may be looked at as total piffle for someone else. I try and stay open minded to everyone's personal experiences as I know, that as much as I might want to be believed when something happens to me, so does everyone else. So therefore if you come to talk with me and say that you have experienced something bizarre, unusual, paranormal I will believe what you say. I will also try to look for rational explanations, I will look for influences of the mind , drugs and alcohol. I will look for environmental explanations and the influences of others as some people find joy in explioting another's vulnerability. But, in some cases, as much as I might look for another reason..there is n

A big fat thank you!

Its been a big first year for Newcastle Ghost Tours and we have many people to thank for our success. First and foremost our husbands who have involuntarily supported us financially this whole year. We PROMISE to try and make some money to "take home" in 2012 instead of spending all of yours...really we do. To the rest of the family who have survived without us being at home on many, many nights and many nights of uncooked meals, many days of unwashed clothes and dirt piling up in the every corner of the house and lots and lots of " honey, please can you do me a favor" requests. Big thanks go to Angela and Kirstin from Boo Paranormal who were dedicated members of the team for much of this year and for their support on tours and investigations. We wish them the best of luck with their personal ventures in the new year. To our ghost hunting colleagues who supported us on SO many tours like Gail, Kim, Ken, Deb and Rochelle -to name but a few- and everyone who c

Ghost Hunting is nothing new!!

You might be interested to know that ghost hunting is not a new phenomenon! It has been around since the first century AD! Ghost History In the first century, a ghost was reported to haunt a villa in Athens belonging to Pliny the Younger who was a lawyer and magistrate in Ancient Rome. According to Pliny, the ghost would rattle chains and take the form of an old man with a beard. The first poltergeist ( which is a German word meaning "noisy ghost") was recorded in A.D. 856, at a farmhouse on the banks of the Rhine River in Germany. This spirit tormented the family by throwing stones, banging on walls and lighting fires. Even when several priests armed with holy relics came to visit, it sent them packing with a hail of stones. Sightings of spectral armies who had battled in the English Civil War are still reported by people who visit these sites today.Similar accounts also come from Gettysburg, The Somme and Gallipoli. The last 200 years has seen a huge increase of in

Stone Tape - I do believe we might be on to something!

Since the 1970s, the Stone Tape Theory has been one of the main notions behind ghostly phenomenon. The theory is based on the suggestion that buildings and materials are able to absorb a form of energy from living beings.This sits very well with me right now. Researchers speculate that the recording is laid down during times of high emotional stress such as murder, grief or an important scene in someone’s life. This energy can be stored for an unspecified amount of time and the replay can be triggered by a witness with attributes that could include psychic ability, stress levels or even brainwaves and seem to set off the recording like a “psychic video”. The replay can take a form as a full manifestation or even sounds such as voices or footsteps and may even be repeated. The theory certainly explains many of the sightings and incidents that occur, however no one knows for sure exac

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Finally after weeks of nothingness the craziness of Christmas shopping has commenced in our town. Ah yes...obviously these last few days is a time of total frustration for many families as they try to manage bills with gift buying and the days of a $5 gift are well and truely dead. I try and avoid this time by keeping busy and keeping it simple. I spent the morning with my psychic's hat on at "APPARITIONS" at Raymond Terrace were I had a young lady with quite a heartfelt dilemma as her desires were being torn between and betwixt two suitors... I hope that I was of some help allowing the cards to speak of the pitfalls of manipulative entanglements and complicated pathways. This evening I was out taking some pictures of one very old and quite run down TRAM STATION at Wallsend. It is situated next to the High School but barricaded with the promise that one day soon it will be torn down and forgotten, just like most other things in this city once they are old and of no use