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The difference between Ghost Hunting during the Day or at Night

I am a ghost hunter. I am a paranormal investigator, researcher and seeker of experiences. The views in this blog post are my own and I do suggest that it may be a mere starting point for your own explorations into these diverse and extraordinary fields. Most of my private investigations happen during the day. Why? I prefer to stay safe and as I have dodgy eye sight  I like to get a good look at what is around me. When I take the public ghost hunting it is ALWAYS at night, because that is what they expect. It's what you see in the movies and on TV. You don't see paranormal investigations during the day. The truth as I know it, is that it does not matter whether it is day time or night time - if there is ghostly activity to be had on a site or in a house, it will be there any time night or day. In fact, if you ask most people who have their own personal experiences you will get a whole lot of different times given for the activity to occur. People will

The Ghosts of Prince Henry Hospital and Little Bay

I am a ghost hunter. I explore and research and love to find myself being excited by stories of ghosts and haunted sights. Each story has its place in our collective consciousness and deserves to be heard and felt. Prince Henry Hospital, although long closed, remains a place that is greatly loved by so many nurses and patients and is now run by volunteers who keep its history alive. I began my involvement here abut three years ago when I was asked by Oz Para Tech ( to join them in a public demonstration of ghost hunting for one of their open days. Let me share some history first..   This is a brief history of the Coast Hospital in relation to it being a hospital devoted to infectious diseases.  It was established to deal with a growing epidemic of smallpox in Sydney on September 5, 1881, and the site of Little Bay was chosen because of it's isolation from Sydney's population, its sweeping coastal view

When is it inappropriate to do a Private Investigation?

I am a ghost hunter - I lead tours as a guide and also create opportunities for the general public to take part in investigation experiences in haunted locations. I am a researcher and do private home investigations where I can use my skills as a psychic/medium to assist in haunting situations. I do not have all of the answers - but, I am a seeker of knowledge. My life is unfolding in a seriously crazy and fantastic way right now and I would love to share it with you through this blog - and so here is my DIARY OF A GHOST HUNTER. As ghost hunters, or, if we don the 'paranormal investigator ' hat, do we have any circumstances that would stop us from going ahead with a private home investigation? What are YOUR criteria for 'duty of care' for your clients? Would you ever, this is may be not an appropriate time for us to investigate right now? This is an interesting question. What protocols does your team have in place in situations that include

What type of experience are YOU waiting for?

This comes up today because.... FRUSTRATION.............. There isn't a week where I am not taking people on a ghost hunt. But, they leave UNHAPPY. Why? Because they haven't seen a ghost. Now, while we are on the tour, they tell us that they are getting hot and cold spots, feeling weird emotions, even being pushed or touched. They get a chance to use a K2 meter, be part of experiments with the SB11, they might see lights or dark shadows moving around. Yet, when we are about to say goodbye to our guests - we again ask them if anyone had an experience...and SO MANY TIMES.....they all say NO!! So we watch the TV shows and its so thrilling - every episode has a ghostly apparition or someone with a profound experience!! BUT THAT'S TV GUYS!!!!!!!! Normally it just does not happen that way. It's more subtle and more subjective. If you are waiting for everyone around you to have an experience and that is going to validate your own - then don'

Is it a Demon? Is it really?

                                                    The Exorcist - Seriously folks, it's not always demonic. Why do so many ghost hunters go there first? It should be the last thing that is mentioned - don't you think? I get a handful of calls every year to investigate private homes. It might seem exciting to get entry into an alleged haunted property and a team may feel the pressure to produce results - yes, I get that. But also our clients are entitled to the truth. As exciting as it might appear on all the TV shows,in my experience, a true haunting is actually a rarity.  Each private case must be handled with kid gloves. Remember... You are walking onto a private premises. In most cases you are dealing with people who know nothing or little about paranormal occurrences. What they do know may have come from TV shows or movies or best friends or family, who are advising them often with the best of intentions. I often come across a post on l

It'a too Hot for Ghosts!

Ghost hunting in the heat of an Australian summer can be somewhat of a challenge! I'm just let me say that that is truly an understatement. These last few weeks have seen me conducting tours at two local sites - one of which is a Gaol that is 200 years old and the other is a small terraced house that belonged to a family from the late 1800's. Neither has air conditioning or adequate ventilation. There is not much you can do when there is no breeze and the humidity is high. It can get quite embarrassing when you have sweat rolling down your face and all the way down your back into your pants as you are trying to seriously tell a story to your tour participants! Thank goodness for black t-shirts, that's all I can say. But do Ghosts like hot summer nights? Are they also super sensitive to the highs and lows of temperature? I wonder if our northern hemisphere ghost tour providers have less sightings and fewer experiences when it is absolutely fr