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SO LETS TALK EVP - Communicating with the dead

According to Mary Roach author of the book "SPOOK" the EVP movement started in 1959 when a Swedish Opera singer turned painter set up a microphone on a windowsill at his home outside Stockholm to record bird songs. Friedrich Jurgenson reports that a bird suddenly gets drowned out by a male voice saying something like "bird songs at night". At first it was thought that he had picked up a radio station broadcast but over the next few weeks he seemed to make more recordings and the voices seemed to be speaking directly to him by name and even more strangely to his Poodle, Carino. Jurgenson wrote a book and attracted the attention of a Latvian psychologist named  Kontantin Raudive who then proceeded to record over 70 thousand recorded "voice texts". This then created EVP Societies all over the world willing to get excited with experimenting with this new phenomenon. Raudive's method was to tape radio static or what we call white noise. Many of his

Ghost Hunter or Ghost Provoker?

 The following link may be just an example of the sharing of personal views with regard to conducting private investigations in people's homes, but may I suggest that sometimes we need to be reminded that if we take on this sort of work we should be pretty damned sure that we know what we are doing. The last thing you want to achieve is to leave a family in greater distress than how you found them. Legally that is a minefield to deal with and also you are dealing with "real" people who are vulnerable and are assuming that you do know what you are talking about. Its always giggles and laughs until something really goes wrong... Beware of those who have been recently bereaved. Beware of dealing with children. Beware of dealing with those that may have deeper psychological issues and really require medical intervention. Beware of walking into someone else's home on you own. Beware of what you say and how you say it - once said it cannot be taken back. \ http