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Chasing the Ghosts of Burnima Homestead

In the first weekend of March this year I had the amazing opportunity to invite a group of ghost hunters to explore the magnificent BURNIMA HOMSTEAD at Bombala, a small township in south eastern NSW, about 80 kms from Cooma. It hard to imagine what this township could have been when, at one time, it was considered for the capital of Australia (now at Canberra) as it sits, distance wise,  almost perfectly halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. Bombala was proposed in 1903 by King O'Malley as the site of the parliamentary seat of Australia. It was considered as a location because it was half way between the two cities of Sydney and Melbourne. The proposal was ultimately rejected in favour of Canberra . The town lies on the banks of the Bombala River . (wikipedia) About 5 minutes before you reach the township is Burnima Homestead which was our destination for an overnight stay and ghost hunt. I had heard about the homestead from an article I read last year regarding it

Chasing Ghosts in Tasmania - Port Arthur

I am always looking for new experiences, places that I can stretch my psychic muscles and feel the paranormal. Therefore I was really looking forward to my visit to Tasmania - not only to see a very good friend who has moved there but to head back to a place I have visited once before, Port Arthur. Port Arthur was named after George Arthur , the Lieutenant Governor of Van Diemen's Land . The settlement started as a timber station in 1830, but it is best known for being a penal colony . From 1833, until 1853, it was the destination for the hardest of convicted British criminals , those who were secondary offenders having re-offended after their arrival in Australia. Rebellious personalities from other convict stations were also sent here, a quite undesirable punishment. In addition Port Arthur had some of the strictest security measures of the British penal system.(wikipedia) Port Arthur has a similar history to that of Newcastle, as it started as a Penal settlement,