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"I need your help"

Its not a good start to the day when you check your mobile phone and there is a message on it saying "I need your help". But, this morning that is what I found. I am glad that I can be of help. We ARE here to help in the best way that we can. Not only does Newcastle Ghost Tours do tours, events that are fun and entertaining bu t we have a serious side to the business too. Its also about offering some help to those whose lives are disrupted by ghosts who are being just too friendly or pushy and sometimes even nasty. For some people this sort of occurrence is very real and just sometimes it can get out of control and be very frightening. I have had two calls like this just this week. People asking for help..or just wanting to talk to someone about what they are experiencing. Sometimes the situation can be diffused by talking and understanding what is going on. It can be dealt with very easily, but, I always tell people that "its complicated". Its n

Helping Dad Move On.

This is a link to the Craig Weiler blog - here he talks about helping his father in law move on after his death. Its a great read.