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Any time,any place..dont wait for midnight!

You dont need a haunted house at midnight to have a ghostly experience - in fact, it can happen anywhere, at any time, as I discovered today whilst in the middle of my local Woolies I had my own encounter. There I was at the deli counter with a long queue ahead of me ( Easter Saturday of course) and concentrating hard on hearing my number being called out when all of a sudden I felt a hand gently touch my hair and continue down to my shoulder. Not light, strong enough to feel very real. At that moment my tinnitus went to mega loud as if in my head a radio was trying to find a channel. It was all over in a few seconds but I swung around (the never satisfied skeptic in me) to find who it was that was being so "friendly" in the middle of a packed supermarket. But there was no one within kooee of me. Behind me was a gap of about three metres in all directions in an over filled supermarket. Did I just imagine it? No - it was too strong a touch. It felt like a live person touch