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Chasing the Ghost of Annie Egan at Q Station Manly

Last weekend I was asked to be a special guest investigator at Q Station Manly at the Paranormal Investigator Tour starting at 10pm to 2am, with Anne and Roman Rzechowicz from Oz Para Tech . Oz Para Tech run these intensive and immersive nights every two months, as well as being able to organise private investigation tours on the site for small groups. I have been to Q a few times now and am always thrilled to investigate. This time I found myself elbow deep in research as stories opened up to me about some of the doctors and nurses that spent time at the Quarantine Station. I was initially chasing some photos that I could show as part of my bit on the tour, but I found myself following one certain female nurse whose face I found staring back at me from the National Archives collection. The North Head Quarantine Station is situated on Sydney Harbour, at North Head near Manly. To protect Australia’s early settlers from ship-borne disease and epidemics, it was established in