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How many Scientific Breakthroughs came from dabbling with that nasty spooky stuff?

This is a short story I wish to share. Its about how that nasty spooky paranormal stuff can lead to ground breaking invention. Its about a young boy called Hans. Hans was to become a doctor just like his father but Hans was more interested in astronomy and poetry so he went to a big city to attend University to become an astronomer. The big city didn't suit him so he took off a year and joined the cavalry. Even though it was a time of peace he relished the hard training and being with the horses. One day as he was out riding his horse suddenly reared up and Hans was tossed in the air and landed hard on the road in the path of a fast approaching horse draw cannon. Hans thought, that at that moment, he was going to die but somehow the carriage missed him and, although greatly shaken, he was safe. At the very same moment far away Han's sister felt an overwhelming anxiety that something had just happened to her brother and pestered her father to make immediate contact b