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You Do What? The other side of being a Paranormal Investigator

We live in an ever changing world. A world that embraces difference and challenge. A world that is open to discussing different views and beliefs and applauds those that go out to search for the truth. not really. Some things can still be taboo in many towns and cities and it's best not to engage in those discussions. And so, in many cases, is the topic of the after life and ghosts. So before you jump out there and buy your T shirts with your team logo, just have a think about your family and your community and where you live and whether you can handle what comes next. Because, not all people and not all places are embracing of your excitement and your views, and you will meet those that think you are insane, mad, off your meds, hallucinating or just plain stupid. Are you ready for that? Get ready to be ignored or ostracised by your friends, work colleagues and family. To receive abusive messages on line and to be asked stupid sarcastic questions.

Poltergeist or Rats in the roof?

Australia has its fair share of creatures that come out at night. Creatures that have tails and big gnawing teeth. That scamper around roof tops and into small crevices creating noises in the dark that may sound a little creepy but are easily explainable. In the late 1800's though, they would have been quite terrifying to new settlers in this new land. Things running along corrugated iron roofs, pushing their way into homes with dirt floors eating food that was left open on table tops and in cupboards. No refrigerators back then. If you didn't eat it straight away the likelihood of it lasting after a hot night was not that great. So everything was rather frightening for the early 'new Australians'. Many stories can be found in newspapers about ghosts. It was even popular in the 1920's and 1930's to become a ghost and frighten the locals when no real activity was occurring! A few local lads nearly lost their lives to gun shot wounds by townsfolk t

Mirror Mirror on the Wall - oh F**k its a Demon!

Mirrors. Legends. Ghostly portals. What is all of that about and where did the connection about mirrors and demonic entities come from? Ever since human beings became aware of their own image, there has been fascination and fear of reflective surfaces. Originally any reflective surface seemed to be something to be in awe of.  Folklore and legend have many stories relating to magic and haunted mirrors. Most of these tend to be warnings about the dangers of mirrors having negative, supernatural qualities. Chunks of obsidian were used by those who could afford it. Mirrors were seen to just not only be a reflection of the self - but of the soul and by looking into the mirror and seeing what may be behind you you may see your shadow side or the negative side of yourself. Mirrors are believed by many to be portals to the spirit realm and even other dimensions. It was and still is in many countries a very important task to take down or cover all mirrors in homes where som