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Paracon Weekend - Its going to be fantastic!

Australia is lucky enough to be hosting its very own Paranormal Conference - and its happening now as I write this blog. I sit here in my lounge room wishing so badly that I was there - and as you can see by the list of speakers, I was supposed to be there! But personal issues have gotten in the way and my priorities lie with family right now. I know that those that have purchased tickets for this weekend's paranormal extravaganza up in the beautiful Blue Mountains will have an amazing time - again Alex Cayas and his crew have engaged terrific overseas guest speakers. There will be plenty to entertain and to educate as well as activities and investigations. Missed out this year? Look forward to the next Paracon in 2016 - I dare say it will be in another amazing Australian location (my bet will be Adelaide) and get your tickets for Australia's premier paranormal event early. I promise that this time I'll be there ( the God's be willing).