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A Bias Against Creativity and Inventive Thinkers by craigweiler

Enjoy this new post - something to think about from a blog by Craig Weiler. Psychic ability is most prominent in people who are characterized as "right brained."  While there is certainly a bias against psychic ability, I have been slowly getting a bigger picture of what actually happens.  Yes, psychic ability makes people uncomfortable, but also creativity, inventiveness and innovative thinking.  This problem starts in school: Classrooms that stifle creativity Yet according to psychologists and education experts, schools do not promote, teach, or encourage divergent thinking. The experts warn that the education system today lacks the type of curricula, teaching, and structure that lets creativity flourish, and divergent thinking skills predominate. Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, and an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources, states that rather than nurture and enhance creativity, the current educatio