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Chasing Ghosts - An expensive yet glorious past time!

As I sit here, having spent the last few days refining risk management assessments, meeting with Council members and Board members regarding a possible new site for public tours, I reflect on what it takes to do this and of the continued importance to do so as I see a lot of out historic sites fade away or be removed in the name of progress and the immense sadness that brings to my heart.                            Joseph Lycett - Newcastle ( Cultural Collection Newcastle University) I live in Newcastle NSW and am very passionate about the place. I love its unique history, the way it developed from the second oldest settlement on the East Coast of Australia as, well a repository for political prisoners who stirred up a shit fight at Castle Hill in the first instance, and then for those convicts that continued to be pains in the backside for the government in Sydney. We started with what would have been seen as the dregs of society to become a totally kick arse place to live!