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How hard can it be to open up the Senses?

Have you ever found yourself in a room or space where there is a lot of background noise and someone is trying to tell you something but you cannot hear them? You start to strain and usually you step closer to the person. You may put your head to the side so that one ear in nearer their mouth so that you can filter out the other noises and hear what your friend is saying to  you. Or you may start to look intently at their mouth and attempt a bit of lip reading. Most of the time you just get frustrated offer up some sign language that translates to "I can't hear you!" That's a little bit like trying to hear spirit talking. In a world of constant chatter you try to filter out the noise until you can hook into one voice. Now sometimes that voice is nice and loud. Sometimes its so quiet you can hardly hear it even if the whole world stood still. Most often its just another one of the background noises that blend into all the others. Unless you train y

I can see a demon in that piece of toast!

We have all had that moment when we think we see a face in a picture that should not be there. We see shapes in clouds. We see shapes and faces in all sorts of images. We are programmed to see faces from the time we are a baby in our mother's arms. Making sure we know who we are being cuddled by is an important baby thing! Our eyes scan and look for what is familar. If we don't see mum - we cry. Our brains still do that when we get older. We still try and make sense from random shapes. Plenty of ghost hunters do it too. And often they do not use their logic in doing so. Something looks like a face and we will often read it as one before we actually go - oh! no it's actually not. Its just a shadow, or some reflected light falling on a shiny surface. Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, which is a more generalized term for seeing patterns in random data. Some common examples are seeing a likeness of Jesus in a piece of toast or Mary in a railing in Sydney

Questioning the good and the bad - COLD READINGS

I have been doing some study lately of topics that can influence people to make their minds up about what they think they may be seeing, hearing and feeling. Its a bit of parapsychology. But its bought up questions about what sways people when having a psychic reading or seeing a medium. And always when I feel I am swaying to the side of 'believing' and not questioning enough I try and take myself out of the loop of ignorance as I would call it. As I grown and experience more - I feel there is a need to ground in more questioning of everything. I went to see a psychic recently - I don't do this often and I wont go into who or where. That's not the point of this. When a psychic or medium works in front of a crowd they have risen to a point where they believe in what they are seeing and saying. They must - as they have to be strong enough to deliver their message confidently. Most of the people that come to see a psychic or medium are there with great expecta

Those Crazy Poltergeists!

Poltergeists! What are they - are they real? What creates the activity? As with all ghost stories - each incident reported is different and individual. Do your reading and form your own conclusions. If you are after being there when it happens. Good luck - you have to be there at the right place at the right time or be intimately involved with the 'polt' you may have to be the focus or close to the focus of activity. Some  people only know what they have seen in the movies. Of course we all know that what you see in the movies is factual ! Right? The word 'poltergeist' is a German word meaning noisy ghost and depending on what information you wish to believe, some will tell you that there is no ghost attached to poltergeist activity as it is really the name given to the activity itself not that which is responsible for the activity. The theory is that there is a main instigator, a focus - one with a heart beat, and usually a boy or girl in the teenage age