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Friday Night Ghost Story - Annie's Story

Ghost Child I would never have believed it if it had not happened to me. I was really a sceptic - all of those stories of ghosts and hauntings were a figment of people’s imaginations. What a load of crap. But one particular night a few years ago I had to attend a seminar in Newcastle so I travelled down from the Central Coast where I live and was offered an overnight stay with another one of the participants who owned a house in one of the suburbs close by. Trying to save some money I went for the free bed and breakfast and was really surprised at how lovely the house was when I arrived after a huge day of really heavy work at this particular conference. My hostess would not tell me too much about the house but it looked old and had many small rooms. The whole place had been renovated she told me. “We have made it look homely and pretty” she said. “I was very cold when we bought it”. “My husband works away a lot and I am happy for the company” she said. The ho