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Its not always the most historic that are the most Haunted!

I am finding that the energies in England are much stronger than I have usually found myself encountering in Australia. I don't know why but my physical reactions are much stronger. I feel as though I am being pushed or shoved and the ghosts are walking through me in a much more aggressive way. I mam enjoying the new experiences but am also aware of not freaking out my traveling companion by telling her every time I see of feel something. Already, one night was a sleepless one for her as she jumped at every creak and sound in the room after I told her that I had heard a lady singing through the walls in the old Masonic Lodge where we had been staying. But here the energies are so strong everywhere - so many sacred sites that pagans have prayed at and held ritual at for so many years. I know that in Australia the sacred sites of the aboriginals are older, of course - but many of their stories are theirs and are not shared. Their sites are distant and those white men have got


That is the only way to explain how I am feeling right now. Overwhelmed. I have seen so many places that have been on my 'bucket list' in such a short period of time I have not had time to take it all in. The Roman Baths at Bath Bath Abbey The stone circle at Avebury  The oldest man made burial mound at Silbury and Stonehenge All of these places are so very special to this little ghost hunter. I was not looking out for ghosts at any of these places - I was just there to experience being on those sites. That was enough. I could touch the stones of Avebury - I could tell them my secrets and ask for their wise wisdom. I could wonder at what possessed me to build a mound that became the biggest in the world yet empty inside. I even contemplated not going to Stonehenge - what was I thinking? "Oh it's so over hyped!" I thought. I have seen so many pictures. It will be fine if I miss it. But I am so glad we literally drove

All Hallow's Church - London

All Hallow's Church is the oldest Church standing in London. If only it's walls could speak and tell of the wars, the plague, the great fire and all the other events it has seen in its years of standing sentinel near the Tower of London. All Hallows by the Tower is the oldest church in the City of London and was founded by the Abbey of Barking in 675AD, 300 years before the Tower of London .  An arch from the Saxon church can still be seen today. In the crypt beneath is a second century Roman pavement, discovered in 1926, evidence of city life on this site for nearly two thousand years. Located next to the Tower of London, the church has cared for numerous beheaded bodies brought for temporary burial following their executions on Tower Hill, including those of Thomas More, Bishop John Fisher and Archbishop Laud. In 1666 the Great Fire of London started in Pudding Lane, a few hundred yards from the church. All Hallows survived through the efforts

London beautiful London!

London is a city that is worth much more time than we gave it. It is a city that requires time and patience to explore. Time because of the bad traffic congestion and allowing yourself at least twice as long to get somewhere to see something and patience because of the crowds that are never ending. So to say that I only saw a small portion of what was on my to do list is an understatement. I did manage to get to the Tower of London. I managed to arrive early and that allowed me some quiet time to explore before the crowds started to wander in and reduce the tower to a thoroughfare for a sea of humanity. Each tower had its secrets and uniqueness - most of the areas had succumbed to fires and destruction through simple collapse or because of war so most has been rebuilt over the years. I found it hard to focus with a thousand screaming French and German students pushing and shoving passed me on the stairs but certainly the atmosphere of the ages that the Tower has stood re


As close as it is I am still finding it hard to imagine that in just a few days I will be heading off to England. Last night I received a book to read called "Bloody London" its written around a tour that is available in London by the same name. It has opened up a few more sites to explore whilst there for me but I will just never see it all in the three days that I have. Some of the stories are so gruesome that I actually found it hard to fall asleep afterwards.. Spooky cemeteries. Plague pits Grave robbers Jack the Ripper So many tales all hidden under the city that is now a modern metropolis. I cannot wait.

One Week to GO!!!

The excitement at my place is building! Organization is down to the fine details. I checked the weather in Scotland yesterday - it's cold!! So I had to rethink my coat and went out and bought a warmer one. We will be playing it by ear once we get to England. It will be much dependent on weather as to where we go so I do have my fingers crossed that we dont hit too much rain. We will be there for Anzac Day and also we might be there for the birth of the new royal baby - that should be interesting to read about in the local papers. I am not a royalist - I dont even plan to go to Buckingham Palace or see the changing of the guards. I cannot wait to get out into the country and see it all. What are the sites that I should be visiting - where do you think?

Ready for a brand new Adventure!

Its only a few days left before I head over to England for a long anticipated adventure of a life time. I will try to take as many photos and do as many tours as possible. I will indulge myself in the history of England, Wales and Scotland. I will actually go to sites that I have only dreamt about. I will try and share as much of my feelings and experiences with you as I can. Anyone who has had a dream understands how I feel right now - knowing that shortly I will be fulfilling a life long desire to go to places like Glastonbury, Cornwall, Edinburgh, York and the Scottish Highlands. I hope to learn more about ghost tours and how to deliver them by watching the 'experts' - I can imagine that delivering a ghost tour in a place such as London or York would be a challenge with people's expectations being so high. Will I see a few ghosties? I certainly hope so!! I intend to visit all of the usual suspects - Edinburgh Vaults, Tower of London, Cornwall's Wi