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I seem to always have my head in TROVE - and some interesting stories have surfaced which I will share over the upcoming weeks. THIS ONE is from 1959 - "Lived in House with Skeletons" Newcastle, Wednesday - The skeletons of a woman and her child were found on the verandah of a house at West Wallsend today. Detectives think they were both strangled. Newcastle Police charged a 31 year old man with the murder of the woman and boy - the dead were (name withheld ) aged 24 and her son ( name withheld) aged 3. An 80 year old man has been living in the house for months not knowing a crime had been committed. Today when he opened a door onto the verandah he found the skeletons. The remains were removed to the Royal Newcastle Hospital Morgue." (thought I would not publish names just to be a little respectful here - but this story is on Trove so if you are really keen you can search for it)