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I've got the feeling!

"In the 2013 science-fiction thriller  Gravity , Sandra Bullock plays an astronaut who gets stranded in a capsule in space following a catastrophe in which she is the apparent lone survivor.                                                                                                                                           Cold, frightened, and alone, she resigns herself to her fate and shuts down the cabin's oxygen supply to commit  suicide . As she begins to lose consciousness, she is visited ( or is she? ) by her fellow astronaut, played by George Clooney, whom she believed to be dead. He gives her a pep talk and a survival plan—and then he leaves.                                She eventually realizes that Clooney’s visit did not really happen, but the experience still gives her the strength to continue on. By following "his" plan, she is able to survive what seemed to be a hopeless situation.  The movie was science fiction, but the encounter th

Look into my eyes!

Have you ever seen those shows on TV or been at a Club or function where a stage hypnotist has a row of people in a sleep state and can make them do weird things for our hysterical enjoyment? They dance on command, bark like a dog, go screaming down the aisle. So cool right? To think that the mind can be manipulated so easily. Now that's scary. But not all of us can be hypnotised. Because, in the end, if we say we cant be hypnotised - we are right. You can really only be successfully hypnotised if you agree to be so. So all of those barking dog people have got to say they are happy to do so on subconscious level. All of those poor bastards appearing on stage have given their permission for the hypnotist to play with their minds. And there is usually a process whereby those not as easily put under the influence of the hypnotist are weeded out - as, of course, the deeper you go and easier and quicker, the better the stage spectacle. But where did all of this sta

Should we make things up just to make a better story?

I've had a few things happen to me this week. All of them centering about the telling of  porky pies to keep likers and followers or losing people because I am too 'beige', not exciting enough! This has had me thinking whether some people really care to hear the truth any more? Does it matter if there is a good story to be told? Maybe not - but when you are working on behalf of a site who has their integrity to look out for it matters greatly. Story telling is an integral part of a ghost tour. All stories get embellished over time - even just a little. But to tell untruths can hurt a site's historical base, integrity and the site can turn around to a tour provider like myself and say "What the hell are you doing?" Ghost tours do need a bit of spookiness for sure. Most sites also have great urban legends. There are also stories that can be passed down from one generation to the next ( with slight variations). Often urban legends have some an