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Diary of a Ghost Hunter - Ghosts of Q Station Manly - WILLIAM HAY


Here is what the newspapers said...
 This is from the newspaper article taken from TROVE 

 A magisterial inquiry was held at the Quarantine Station yesterday respecting the death of an employee named William Hay, aged 56, who was found in a flat behind the stables on Wednesday, with a bullet wound in the head, and another in the abdomen. 
He had a revolver clasped in his right hand. A fellow employee slated that the deceased had lately been suffering from bronchitis and asthma, neuralgia in the head, and internal pains. 
When ill he had been heard to say that life was not worth living, and had often asked the effects of certain drugs. 
 He leaves a widow and two children. 
 The Coroner recorded a finding of suicide whilst suffering from ill-health. 

And from:
The City Coroner held an inquiry yesterday concerning the death of William Hayes,…

Diary of a Ghost Hunter - Cockatoo Island

A stone’s throw from the waterfront mansions lining Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — has a grim and varied history. It was a brutal colonial prison — like an Australian Alcatraz — between 1839 and 1869, where numerous prisoners died in custody and others died trying to flee. One famous story involves a guard being murdered by an inmate. The island became a colonial jail to take in the overflow of prisoners on Norfolk Island. After 1900 it became a crucial shipbuilding yard and naval dockyard, where conditions were better, but tough. Workers were killed in gruesome industrial accidents and at least one person mysteriously vanished. Tourists and even staff have reported various kinds of paranormal activity on the island, which draws ghost hunters from around the world. And while the grisly stories — and alleged ghosts — from the prison and dockyard eras are frightful stuff, they don’t seem to leave visitors as unsettled as those from a th…