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The Cemetery Tour Saga Continues......

As many of my followers will know I was conducting tours for over a year at a local pioneer cemetery at Minmi in 2011 - 12 with a great little following, until it was ceased a few months ago after I received complaints by some people who voiced their concerns at such an activity. These people suggested terrible things that I was allegedly allowing my clients to do while on site such as playing on top of the graves, rubbishing and drinking alcohol on the site and generally disrespecting the memory of those buried there. If you had been on one of my tours there you would know how false these accusations are. I chose to shut down this activity down, due to some bad publicity egged on by one local journo and because I never meant to cause anyone grief, despite most of the local people being in favor of me continuing. I had not been back to this site since then. Today I was out visiting some local cemeteries and decided it was time I paid my respects to those souls I felt I had aban