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Joseph Glanvill - First Official English Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunting began very seriously. A gentleman named Joseph Glanville (1636-80) and was given the very important sounding title of England's Ghost Hunter General". He wrote a number of very successful books about the subject and even went out into the filed to prove some of his theories. Wikipedia tells us that: Joseph Glanvill born in Plymouth Devon, was an English writer, philosopher, and clergyman. Not himself a scientist, he has been called "the most skillful apologist of the virtuosi", or in other words the leading propagandist for the approach of the English natural philosophers of the later 17th century . In 1661 he predicted The time will come, when making use of magnetic waves that permeate the ether ,...we shall communicate with [persons on the opposite side of the globe . What a forward thinking man indeed! The Drummer of Tedworth is a report of supernatural activity by Joseph Glanvill in the West Country of England, in his Saducism

Now its the ladies turn!

Introducing CATHERINE CROWE - Born in 1790 Catherine Crowe was an English author of dramas, children's books, and novels. She is remembered mainly for her publication, The Night-side of Nature , a collection of stories of the supernatural.   Crowe’s Night Side was one of the publishing sensations of 1848. A two volume exploration of “ghosts and ghost seers,” intermingled with observations on phrenology, Mesmerism and the poltergeist phenomena, the book happily appeared just before the vast explosion of interest in communication with the dead occasioned by the dubious activities of the Fox sisters on the far side of the Atlantic. asIn consequence, Night Side ran through 16 editions in only six years, made its author moderately rich, introduced a large number of well-to-do Victorians to the world of the occult – and had an influence out of all proportion with its present reputation. Indeed, the book “marked the turning point,” Hilary Evans suggests, “in society

Harry Price was THE MAN in the 1920's

Enjoy this trip back in time to watch Harry Price give a talk about paranormal investigating. Harry Price is one of the most controversial and famous psychic researchers and authors in the history of spiritualist studies, well back in the early 1900's any way. Harry is particularly famous for being targeted by many of his more serious peers and at the same time becoming extremely popular with the public due to his fascinating studies on haunted houses, psychic activity, mediumship and other supernormal phenomena. With his level of interest in these fields combined to his awareness of magic, Price was an adept magician as well, he was able to uncover a number of fraudulent claims to supernormal activity during his lifetime because he was aware of how to create these false claims. Harry Price wrote several books during his life and these still have a huge following in the world of psychical study and beyond. This is a very interesting look into methods of filming

Chapter Two - So where did all of this Ghost Hunting begin?

Firstly, Did you know that the term ghost hunting was only first seen in writings by an Irish man named Elliot O'Donnell ( 1872-1965) in his book Confessions of a Ghost Hunter .                                                         The dapper Mr Elliot O"Donnell ‘Let me state plainly that I lay no claim to being what is termed a scientific psychical researcher. I am not a member of any august society that conducts it’s investigations of the other world, or worlds, with the test tube and weighing apparatus; neither do I pretend to be a medium or clairvoyant — I have never undertaken to “raise” ghosts at will for the sensation-seeker or the tourist. I am merely a ghost hunter. One who lays stake by his own eyes and senses; one who honestly believes he inherits in some the degree the faculty of psychic perceptiveness from a long line of Celtic ancestry; and who is, and always has been, deeply and genuinely interested in all questions relative to phantasms and a

Let me introduce you to.......

Lets go on a journey.. This one will mean that you have to come back as I am creating this one as we go. Just a bit of pulling together scattered thoughts right now and getting serious about compiling some of the knowledge that I have learnt along the way. Chapter One - Introduction I am gathering that because you have picked up this little thread because you have an interest in ghosts right? Of course you do! Most of us have been bought up of a diet of horror movies and ghost stories and now that we have You Tube and the internet you can while away the hours looking at dodgy photo shopped ghost photos and amateur investigative teams ghost videos to your heart’s content. Believe me – you are not the only guilty one – so have I. But what is real and what is faked? That's the million dollar question. Some are incredibly real at first glance. Personally, I load everything that I have not seen with my own eyes or felt with my own goosy hair standing o