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Chasing Ghosts in New Zealand - Book review

'TALKING TO SHADOWS' by MARK WALLBANK I received one of Mark's new books Talking to Shadows at Paracon 2016 a few weeks ago and have been busily reading it ever since.                                                                                   Mark Wallbank - founder Haunted Auckland Mark is the founder of New Zealand based paranormal and research group HAUNTED AUCKLAND (find them here: Mark and his team have been working within the realms of the paranormal in their country for many years and have investigated historic and significant sites as well as numerous private investigations that they have been called to helping those experiencing a haunting. Mark is, amongst other things, a collector of haunted objects, a researcher,a public speaker, an author, also writing articles and reviews for print and online magazines. He is passionate about proper research and going in with a clarity of mind when called out to investigate. H

PARACON 2016 - An amazing experience for anyone passionate about the paranormal in Australia

Now that Paracon 2016 is over, and I have recovered from all the excitement, I can give a little report on my experiences at this amazing event. I think a recovery period is needed for it all to sink in! What an event! Firstly, its the meeting up with people that you may only get to see once a year, then there is the meeting and listening to great overseas guests, also staying in the Blue Mountains and enjoying the company of like minded people who all have come together to have a great time. What's not to like?! There was a slight chill in the air in the mountains but The Carrington Hotel is such an iconic place to have a conference that the cold didnt matter - we all just took in the brilliant scenery and atmosphere. Alex Cayas the creator of PARACON and master and commander of his team of "Spirit Guides" whose dedication in looking after all of the guest speakers, including myself, was faultless, can be proud in knowing that all of the overseas guests spok