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Hello Cyber Trolls!

Although I believed my last post to be uncontroversial in any way it seems to have hit a nerve in some people. All I was doing was just stating what went down in a discussion that I had had with a client who had asked my advice. It wasnt me"venting" People come in and seek advice when they are in trouble - therefore when you give them asked for advice, as best you know how to, you would think that they would take that on board. My post was merely a reflection that some people will only take in the information that they want to - only if it fits in with their world view. Its like when people send me photos of orbs and ask me to verify them as ghosts or spirits and when I tell them that it is just lens flare or a reflection of some sort they get the shits and call me an idiot and that I dont know anything.If it only ended in that it would be ok.but why get nasty? Now again, the post wasnt a "vent" as to why this person did not listen to me.I do not believe that I

Wave the sage..not!

Today I had a bit of a test sent to me via a client who came in seeking some advice..I must admit I didnt have my "nice ghost lady" hat on and in hindsight I could have been a little more gentle with this person but I had to dissolve a lot of fear from this person having dabbled in things that were totally inappropriate in their very sensitive state, having just suffered quite a major event in the ir life. I told it like I saw it and... as it wasnt very fluffy, sage filled and crystal encrusted it did not go down well. I was looked at as if I was stupid. Sometimes these things go beyond anything that sage can fix - vulnerable people need the truth and not be strung along. When they think that they cannot cope, its heavy duty fixing time which means that not only does it involve someone who can take the situation by the short and curly's but who can also inform the client that they will have to work on their own protection and psychological wellbeing so th