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Hello Cyber Trolls!

Although I believed my last post to be uncontroversial in any way it seems to have hit a nerve in some people. All I was doing was just stating what went down in a discussion that I had had with a client who had asked my advice. It wasnt me"venting" People come in and seek advice when they are in trouble - therefore when you give them asked for advice, as best you know how to, you would think that they would take that on board. My post was merely a reflection that some people will only take in the information that they want to - only if it fits in with their world view. Its like when people send me photos of orbs and ask me to verify them as ghosts or spirits and when I tell them that it is just lens flare or a reflection of some sort they get the shits and call me an idiot and that I dont know anything.If it only ended in that it would be ok.but why get nasty? Now again, the post wasnt a "vent" as to why this person did not listen to me.I do not believe that I

Wave the sage..not!

Today I had a bit of a test sent to me via a client who came in seeking some advice..I must admit I didnt have my "nice ghost lady" hat on and in hindsight I could have been a little more gentle with this person but I had to dissolve a lot of fear from this person having dabbled in things that were totally inappropriate in their very sensitive state, having just suffered quite a major event in the ir life. I told it like I saw it and... as it wasnt very fluffy, sage filled and crystal encrusted it did not go down well. I was looked at as if I was stupid. Sometimes these things go beyond anything that sage can fix - vulnerable people need the truth and not be strung along. When they think that they cannot cope, its heavy duty fixing time which means that not only does it involve someone who can take the situation by the short and curly's but who can also inform the client that they will have to work on their own protection and psychological wellbeing so th

A Bias Against Creativity and Inventive Thinkers by craigweiler

Enjoy this new post - something to think about from a blog by Craig Weiler. Psychic ability is most prominent in people who are characterized as "right brained."  While there is certainly a bias against psychic ability, I have been slowly getting a bigger picture of what actually happens.  Yes, psychic ability makes people uncomfortable, but also creativity, inventiveness and innovative thinking.  This problem starts in school: Classrooms that stifle creativity Yet according to psychologists and education experts, schools do not promote, teach, or encourage divergent thinking. The experts warn that the education system today lacks the type of curricula, teaching, and structure that lets creativity flourish, and divergent thinking skills predominate. Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, and an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources, states that rather than nurture and enhance creativity, the current educatio

The Cemetery Tour Saga Continues......

As many of my followers will know I was conducting tours for over a year at a local pioneer cemetery at Minmi in 2011 - 12 with a great little following, until it was ceased a few months ago after I received complaints by some people who voiced their concerns at such an activity. These people suggested terrible things that I was allegedly allowing my clients to do while on site such as playing on top of the graves, rubbishing and drinking alcohol on the site and generally disrespecting the memory of those buried there. If you had been on one of my tours there you would know how false these accusations are. I chose to shut down this activity down, due to some bad publicity egged on by one local journo and because I never meant to cause anyone grief, despite most of the local people being in favor of me continuing. I had not been back to this site since then. Today I was out visiting some local cemeteries and decided it was time I paid my respects to those souls I felt I had aban

SO LETS TALK EVP - Communicating with the dead

According to Mary Roach author of the book "SPOOK" the EVP movement started in 1959 when a Swedish Opera singer turned painter set up a microphone on a windowsill at his home outside Stockholm to record bird songs. Friedrich Jurgenson reports that a bird suddenly gets drowned out by a male voice saying something like "bird songs at night". At first it was thought that he had picked up a radio station broadcast but over the next few weeks he seemed to make more recordings and the voices seemed to be speaking directly to him by name and even more strangely to his Poodle, Carino. Jurgenson wrote a book and attracted the attention of a Latvian psychologist named  Kontantin Raudive who then proceeded to record over 70 thousand recorded "voice texts". This then created EVP Societies all over the world willing to get excited with experimenting with this new phenomenon. Raudive's method was to tape radio static or what we call white noise. Many of his

Ghost Hunter or Ghost Provoker?

 The following link may be just an example of the sharing of personal views with regard to conducting private investigations in people's homes, but may I suggest that sometimes we need to be reminded that if we take on this sort of work we should be pretty damned sure that we know what we are doing. The last thing you want to achieve is to leave a family in greater distress than how you found them. Legally that is a minefield to deal with and also you are dealing with "real" people who are vulnerable and are assuming that you do know what you are talking about. Its always giggles and laughs until something really goes wrong... Beware of those who have been recently bereaved. Beware of dealing with children. Beware of dealing with those that may have deeper psychological issues and really require medical intervention. Beware of walking into someone else's home on you own. Beware of what you say and how you say it - once said it cannot be taken back. \ http

How many Scientific Breakthroughs came from dabbling with that nasty spooky stuff?

This is a short story I wish to share. Its about how that nasty spooky paranormal stuff can lead to ground breaking invention. Its about a young boy called Hans. Hans was to become a doctor just like his father but Hans was more interested in astronomy and poetry so he went to a big city to attend University to become an astronomer. The big city didn't suit him so he took off a year and joined the cavalry. Even though it was a time of peace he relished the hard training and being with the horses. One day as he was out riding his horse suddenly reared up and Hans was tossed in the air and landed hard on the road in the path of a fast approaching horse draw cannon. Hans thought, that at that moment, he was going to die but somehow the carriage missed him and, although greatly shaken, he was safe. At the very same moment far away Han's sister felt an overwhelming anxiety that something had just happened to her brother and pestered her father to make immediate contact b

Vortex: The gateway to the Spirit World?

  Vortex: The Gateway to the spirit world? This article features: The Warehouse on the Canal in Canal Fulton which is the home of Ohio's Edgar Allan Poe Theater and is considered the Center for Ohio's Paranormal, Supernatural and the Macabre. By definition, a vortex is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid. But, we are not talking about this type of vortex. In the paranormal when you talk about a vortex you are referring to an area of concentrated energy that can act as a portal for spirits traveling between the spirit world and this world.  When one encounters a vortex they may feel a range of sensations from a slight tingling on the exposed skin, to a vibration emanating from the ground, a sense of swaying, light headed, a feeling of being sucked into the ground among other sensations.  Mediums and others who are sensitive often get headaches and are unable to stay even in the area around the vortex itself. At the Warehouse we have a very strong vor

Celebrating Carl Jung and his thoughts on the Paranormal

Carl Jung was one member of the founding fathers of the science of modern psychology. They were Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich. Freud is the most well known of the three, followed by Jung and then Reich.* The supernatural and parapsychology was no stranger to Jung. He personally underwent a near-death experience, had clairvoyant dreams, incidents of precognition, encountered various hauntings with actual manifestations and poltergeist activity. He conducted experiments in telepathy and had a spirit guide known as Philemon, who flew out of the sky one day and landed at Jung’s side. Jung gave him the nickname of the “Old Wise Man” and they often conversed as they walked together in Jung’s garden. Jung claimed he had a second soul, one that allowed him to access the occult realm. Many of his beliefs were derived from The Tibetan Book of the Dead which he consulted though out his professional life. He used the I-Ching to help diagnose patient’s maladies and suggest treatme