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How do I protect myself from a Ghost Attack - Part Two

Some would say that the only protection people need is against charlatans like 'us' fleecing innocent victims. Haven't I heard that one a few times! So firstly start with self protection against nasty, cranky words that do a lot of damage to our souls even before we deal with ghosts. But aside from THAT type of protection I want to use this blog to talk about some of the different types of personal protection people may prefer to use when going ghost hunting. Smudging - this is most probably the most well known and used type of protective ritual people will use. Performed before and after ghost hunting the act of smudging, or using some sort of a smoking ritual is one that has been around for centuries as a purification and protection If you would like more information about smudging or any of these protection activities please just google - there is so much out there that I wont waste time by repeating it here. What matters is not the idea a man holds

How Do I protect Myself against a Ghost Attack - Part 1

I'm considering a deeper look into this topic of protection on paranormal investigations in this blog post. Of course, I am only expressing my humble opinion here as someone who has been in the 'spooky' business for 25 years and has spent most of that time trying to get in contact with spirits. So if you want to delve into how to protect yourself when going ghost hunting, go for it. But don't fear what may not happen before you even start. You are not likely to get attacked by some horrible spirit on your first ghost walk or ghost hunt! This post has a few analogies - it's the only way I can explain things simply. So stay with me... You may have spent your whole life never having heard a voice from outside of yourself, never felt a poke or prod when no one is there, never been aware of outside energy forces - just gone on your merry old way, oblivious, and not wanting to really think about ghosts, nor they about you. And that's perfectly OK.

Show me the GHOST!

I was asked an interesting question last night during my "Haunted Tales of Newcastle", ghost walk. Mind you, it hasn't been the first time this question has been asked. I hear it often. It will come from people who have never had their own experience and are genuinely interested in the paranormal and have moved on from what they see in the movies. The question? How DO people see ghosts? Or maybe it's better to say - in what forms do they appear to people?                                                                  Photo:Pinterest That might sound funny to you, but for those that have never had an experience, they have no real conceptual idea of how it happens. Is it like it is shown in the movies? Do they come out in their long white 1800's nighties with hair covering their faces? Do they move or stand staring at you from the darkest corner of the room with red glowing eyes? Are they just formless black vapors that are seen slithering throu

The Winchester House - Creepy as!

A new movie is about to be released shortly, about Sarah Winchester, and the house she built and continued to build, after the death of her husband, the owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.                              The Winchester House (justalittered reviewed -         This is one sad story. It revolves around tragedy. Family tragedy . And the awful consequences of soul crushing guilt for having been involved in creating a a weapon used to kill people. It involves a curse placed on that family by the souls of the dead that came seeking vengeance.                                              William and Sarah Winchester ( photo: mindshadow) William and Sarah married at the height of the Civil War in America in 1862 and four years later, in 1866, Sarah gave birth to a daughter which she named Annie. The child contracted an infant disease known as marasmus and only lived just over a week. Sarah was so overcome by anguish that she retre

Lemon Tree Passage Ghost - Local legend is alive and well

Lemon Tree Passage  is a suburb of the Port Stephens local government area in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia, located at the end of the Tilligerry Peninsula and surrounded by the waters of beautiful Port Stephens .  Ever since I can remember there have been a few urban legends about a stretch of highway named Lemon Tree Passage Road. The story begins when a motor bike rider and his pillion passenger died after colliding with a four wheel drive killing both. This seems to be the source of the ghostly lights and apparition. These sort of events don't stay quiet in small townships. Stories spread fast often not ending up like they started. Every so often this urban legend makes a comeback with a number to people tempting fate and poking the ghost rider.             A memorial to Dale Dickens on the Lemon Tree Passage Road / Pic: Robert Mckell Source:The Daily Telegraph The  Lemon Tree Passage ghost  first made headlines in 2010 after drivers cau

A man in a suit - The SLENDERMAN

My last blog post "Spring - heeled Jack - a ghost of it's time", explored a thought that we may have a hand in creating the changes in our ghostly visitors as they have appeared to us throughout time. Considering that our earliest visitations were mostly from people we knew and very much the classic chain dragging "WOOOO" moaning ghosties they then became slightly more elusive and unfamiliar and dressed in modern day clothes. What happened? Did we influence that change? Were there just more ghosts? Did the ghosts feel we would prefer to see them sans chains and white funeral garb? Spring-heeled Jack was very indicative of the population's fear of a half demon half human presence that reflected the changes of the new world, filled with weird magical and frightening mechanical beasts that were taking over the work of humans in factories. These noisy monsters belched thick, putrid smoke into the skies, turning a clean nature reliant world into a ho