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Chasing Ghosts in Scotland this October 2017

Its been two years since I travelled for the very first time to England. My memory was promoted by a Facebook 'memory' post where one of the first stops was Harrod's where I just had to act posh and sit and enjoy a cup of tea, like a civilised person, in their tea shop. Of course it meant checking out the souvenirs and wondering if I could afford a Harrod's bag. I left with an umbrella instead - much more affordable, and being looked at by the server at the tea shop as if I was going to put the cutlery in my bag! Its exciting to know that I will be heading back with my bestie travel buddy Gayle Oliver this October. Unfortunatley due to my husband's ill health, he will be forced to just watch me via live feeds and Facebook posts as I 'invest' our money in an unforgettable experience. Again I will be trying to head out to as many ghost tours and haunted sites as I can whilst being away. This will again create an interesti