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Where are the bloody ghosts?!!!!

"So where are the bloody ghosts?" A lady recently said this to me, as she stood in my face, as if by pressuring me I would be able to conjure up a few to make her happy. Of course it was my fault. Yes it was my fault that she had not had an experience. But it made me think. I kept wondering what is it that these people want? What do these people expect? Where have they gotten these expectations from? Have we raised the bar so high that it is now not achievable to please most people if they don't actually see a ghost. Is that the goal of everyone coming on a tour? Have we made promises to our ghost hunters that we just cannot keep? Why do people really expect to come on a public site and if they don't see a ghost they have the right to give us a mouthful and tell us its all shit. Where has the process gone? That step by step process of connecting and experiencing? Now, it seems people just want to scream - run - be entertained - be frightened -