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Staying passionate when the world thinks you're crazy.

Sometimes, when your passion is something a little less conventional, like lets say...paranormal investigating.. it can be hard to remain passionate in the face of criticism, ridicule and partners who may be telling you to "get a grip" on reality. Sometimes you can start to believe that you are not chasing ghosts but your own shadow, spending hours away from home, buying equipment that sparkles and shines only to realise that other people in other teams have more sparklier and shinier equipment - or worse still...nicer looking T shirts and logos! So thats when you have to REMIND yourself of why you are doing all of this - what led you down this path in the first place? Was it really to impress other people in a jazzy T shirt with the newest piece of equipment or was it because you had a burning question about the mysteries of life that just needed to be answered. Remember to: Keep grounded and remember that this world is the one where you currently keep your stuff,

Should children come on investigations?

Just to claryify our position on taking young children & teenagers on tours - we do take bookings from families who wish to escort their children (over 13 years) as long as they remain responsible for them during the tour. We will not however take bookings for children under that age - we do not wish to offend anyone who believes that their child may be used to such experiences or that they are able to handle them or that they have been on other ghost tours. Obviously each parent knows the limitations of their own child and we respect that but from a business perspective and our own guidelines we believe that some of our tours are not appropriate for this age group. Our East End Tours are historically based experiences which tell the story of Newcastle from its early days - we are walking along public roads where there is plenty of light and movement. These tours are quite acceptable for a younger age group along as they are supervised and know that its a very lon

A reminder that sometimes the good old things ARE STILL THE BEST! I am passing on this blog link as I really resonate with what Ross is saying. Sometimes we get so caught up with stuff that flashes and rings that we forget that we are the most effective "tool" that we have in trying to sense the paranormal. It is so very subjective - we can all be in a room at one time yet be having different experiences. Don't baffle yourself with bullshit when all you need is to use your own senses - learn that first before you buy any tools.