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Diary of a Ghost Hunter - The Wallacia Hotel


We were given the opportunity of staying overnight at the Wallachia Hotel in Western Sydney.
The hotelwas officially opened on December 3rd 1937. During the Second World War the hotel was used as the Army headquarters for radiopyhysics.

I had never been to the Wallacia Hotel before, but, my ghost hunting gal pal Anne, had been there about 5 years ago with a group of Paranormal Investigators that she was working with at the time.

We arrived and we were greeted by Craig, the night manager, who welcomed us with open arms. 
Craig recognised Anne from the last time she had visited. 
Anne asked whether any spooky things had been happening over the last few years.
Craig said that he always thought that there was something a little bit weird going on late at night.

Over the last few months everything had changed as the Hotel had been very much affected by the COVID lock downs

This was a huge hotel with quite an interesting history even though in the whole scheme of things the hotel was only erected in 1937.

It had undergone many facelifts and had been the main area of accommodation for those who came out to Western Sydney help build Warragamba DAM.

15 men died in the process building that damn, many of them leaving in the morning from the hotel never to return.
We were wondering if any of their souls were still attached to the hotel?

Of course we asked to get the most haunted room for the evening.
And we also found out that we were two of only a handful people staying over for the night.
Craig said was very happy us some of the most active areas.

We commenced our vigils in our room at 9pm, setting up some K2m and REM pods and calling in Mr Wallace, who was the original owner of the Wallacia Hotel.

Immediately the Rem Pods and K2's started to flash their lights and making noises, and it really felt like Mr Wallace was there in the room saying hello to us.

After a while we thought we might like to include some special live broadcasts for our supporter's pages and so we went upstairs into the Attic.

This was quite spooky place and as we did our live broadcast some of our viewers said that they saw shadows behind us. Was it the play of light from outside?
Were our supporters seeing something?

Even though we were up in the Attic, three floors up, the noise from the hotel downstairs travelled and it wasn't quiet enough to do recording sessions.
But I took lots of photos.

We then moved downstairs into the ballroom where, allegedly, a woman in white has been seen on many occasions. She is seen looking out of the windows there.

Her story is that she is waiting for the return of her husband who died while Warragamba Dam was being built.
She saw him leave in the morning and he tragically died by being covered with wet cement in an accident on the site of the Dam.

This is a story that was retold to Craig by one of the many psychic mediums that have visited the hotel over the last few years.

We tried to look for some evidence and I bought up the names of all of those that had to died during the building of the Dam.

The name of the man that was mentioned was Richard, and the only thing we could find was one particular gentleman who's middle name was Richard who had died whilst at work.

Was this the same man that the psychic medium had mentioned?

There was also another dark shadow that seemed to lurk in one corner of this room and every night, as Craig closed off the kitchen areas, this shadow would appear.

Of course, when we were there, we didn't see anything nor did we record anything on our equipment - it's normally the way it goes.

It is truly a matter of being in the right place at the right time. We can try as hard as we might but, if nothing really happens, nothing happens. We don't make shit up just to look impressive to everyone.

But we were not done yet.

We went into another area and decided to do a short glass dowsing session.
Craig told us that a gentleman, who was a regular at the Bar downstairs, had just passed away not too long ago, and he was hoping that this man try and communicate.

No contact with him had been made up to this point, and so we decided to try the glass dowsing which Craig had never done before. maybe with Craig taking part this man would come through.

This certainly worked well.

Not only did the spirit reveal his first name, which we could not have known, but also he gave us some interesting confirmatory information which spoke volumes to Craig.

The last thing we asked was whether this gentleman had a message for Craig - he did, just one word BEER! 

Later, when Craig showed us a picture of this gentleman, he was holding a BEER. Craig said this was very typical of the man.

The information that was passed on certainly was something that gave Craig a lot of joy and later in the morning when we passed on the messages to some of the other staff they were certainly filled with joy as well.

This time it was my turn to have a very sleepless night, and this time Anne slept like a newborn baby in the other room while I had Rem Pods and a motion sensor camera on in the room next to me.

All night long the damn things were going off!
They were beeping until about 6 am in the morning when finally their batteries died.

The infuriating thing was that when I looked at what had been recorded on the motion sensor camera it was only me turning it on and off and getting up and walking past to go to the toilet.
Nothing dammit.

But, as things go, it was a sensational stay.
The rooms were comfortable and very nice.
We hope to get back there soon and do more work - maybe this time we can capture some evidence.

We thank Craig so very much for allowing us entry and  time in the spaces of the Hotel after hours and telling us his personal experiences. 


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